Code Words: The Secret Language of White Supremacy

To make a long story short, I was watching a bunch of videos for gun owners on the internet because like Bill Burr once said "Im afraid of the zombies"..

But by zombie I really mean some deranged white supremacist.

Oh, and by deranged white supremacist I mean your average white or racially ambiguous

person walking the streets...

you know, with kids who hang out with your kids, a regular Job, no crazy tatoos, and more than likely speaks to and socializes with black people in most public settings.....HOWEVER: who also feels entitled to white privilege/ is granted access to social privileges over people of African decent....Deranged White Supremacists

Any way, Im watching this video, and the title of the vid was "Inner City Problems Affecting State Law"

or something like right away I knew this video would be racist.

Oh and by racist I mean the way that the AMERICAN social structure deals with BLACK PEOPLE....because what the fuck is a "MINORITY"

How did I know that the video would be racist, despite the fact that I had grown fond of the video series, and prior to, would have no real reason to suspect the host of the show to be a white supremacist....(other than the fact the channel is called IV8888, but thats for another post) Its because by now we should all know and understand that "Inner City" refers to Black people, not Black and Latinos....Black people, so a video posted by "gun enthusiasts" addressing "inner city problems affecting the state" could really only be a referance to "things that black people do in the city that affect white people in the city they reside; as well as the white people who left the city because they were trying to get away from niggers in the first place"

Feel Me?....

so I decided to write this piece (most formally like shit) decoding white supremacist language for anybody in 2015 who for whatever reason, hasnt gotten sharp yet.

First...the video

Now, the breakdown:

Big Cities: A major point that white supremacist like to raise is the problem of violence in major cities. Usually, this acts as a smoke screen to enable that person to criminalize Black people without specifically making mention of Black people.

Cities that the white supremacist will usually point to in reference to black criminal activity are:



Los Angeles

New York City (though NYC has seen the most drastic decline in crime rate of any major city in the last 20 years)

St. Louis




Know and understand that in ALL major cities, crime rates in specifically "black communities" are dropping. Therefore a person making a comparative distinction between inner cities or "big cities" and "rural areas" as it relates to crime(especially) is usually a person operating within a white supremacist mindstate and is using location to categorize groups of people racially, without using explicit racial terms.

This video in particular makes mention of how politicians should address problems concerning cities, and how "Good, Hardworking Americans" shouldnt be subject to the same restrictions. What they are essentially stating, is that whites, should have a separate governing code, built into the legal structure, that allows for greater freedoms than those extended to "city people" (Blacks)

phrases such as "red blooded, hardworking Americans" "meat eating" "joe blow" "taxpayers" and the like, are all statements that are rooted in the humanity of the group it is referring to. The dominant society, (as we know) has a very narrow perspective on humanity...its generally tied to whiteness. Terms such as these are code, not just addressing white people as a group, but addressing white people who promote the agenda-which, as we know, is the System of White Supremacy. "Hard Working American" is a term usually contrasted with "welfare recipients" commonly referred to as "leeches on the system" "people seeking a handout" or other derogatory categorizations of individuals or families living in poverty. Despite statistical evidence that proves white people receive the most government aid of any group in America, the image of poverty, welfare, etc; is always tied to the "dysfunctional black family". The dominant society does not refer to their own as "leeches". They are considered hardworking Americans whove fallen on tough times, therefore the "leeches" in question when people make statements such as these, are non whites (blacks) who have been kept impoverished by conditions created by the system of white supremacy.

"Their own Kind"--or "black on black crime" is another dismissive phrase used by white supremacists and apologists as a smoke screen to legitimize the brutalization of black people. Suggesting that because some black people are criminal, the masses of black people are thereby not entitled to justice, or basic respect in most cases.

"Culture" is a way in which white supremacists create distinctions in between blacks and whites, by referring to dysfunctional behavior that has been associated with black people through years of propaganda and comparing it to people who lead regular lives, lifestyles that the media often promotes as something exclusively white (also through imagery).

"Im not racist" is the go to catchphrase of a tried and true racist, anytime you hear this statement, immediately go on alert.

"The Government taking away our rights/freedoms"-specifically refers to the right to openly and freely practice white supremacy

"Cant let a few bad apples spoil the bunch" and phrases of the like, speak most directly to those who operate within a paradigm of "good blacks" (docile and/or easily deceived, or mislead) and "criminals" (black people who dont bend to the will of white supremacy, whether or not they've actually committed a crime) Its reminiscent of a time in which black rebellion was a ubiquitous reality that whites had no choice to acknowledge. It stems from the fear that a captive who is aware of their condition will eventually stir the pot, and create consciousness among other blacks being held in bondage, thereby creating an environment that challenges and could potentially over power the social structure in place(the system of white supremacy)

"Average gun owner"-Average white american who secretly operates from a white supremacist philosophical perspective.

Conclusively, I have no conclusion. Just simply would like for the reader to understand that the system of white supremacy is self sufficient, meaning that everything within the system, is in place to support the system. This means the law, the media and everything down to clothing and language all reinforce the oppression of non white people, it is important for us (non whites) to remain vigilant, and thoroughly informed, as to adequately be able to defend ourselves from becoming the next casualty in this ongoing race war.

More updates to come. Peace and love

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