My Thoughts on Halloween

Before I begin, I will preface this entry by stating this is not a polished article or heavy thinkpeice designed to change the way a society operates. This is just something that I as an individual happen to think about. Subsequently I have chosen to deliver it to the reader in the language these concepts appeared to me.

As a kid my mother was not about that Halloween shit. No costumes, face paint, candy, parties, nothing. I had to sneak to do any of that shit, probably until the age of 10 - 11. She said that it had nothing to do with costumes, because ultimately, costume parties and Halloween were two completely different things. She explained to me, maybe 5 yrs old at the time, that while costume parties are fun, Halloween isnt about costumes or having a good time. Its about how people allow for entities to take possession over their being. She explained that because I was a child, the costumes are (mostly) innocent, harmless... meaningless. But that as I grew older that I would start to see a shift in peoples behavior, and I would start to notice patterns in the types of costumes people wear, which would serve as an indication of what types of entities were speaking though a person or - more importantly - what type of identity a person was trying to conceal all year long, that they choose expose on Halloween because everyone will assume that its a "costume". At 5 years old, I thought she was crazy. At 15, I thought she was crazy By the time I was 25 Halloween might have been my favorite holiday. Whats not to love right? Most people are drunk high or trying to get there, everyone is aggressively horny, the women are scantily clad, there is a general sense of lawlessness and to be honest no body knows who the real police are anyway so it only halfway matters. It was at that point I realized something was wrong. Which means that My Mother was ABSOLUTELY CORRECT. Its all about the patterns. Halloween comes around and the white dude you've been kicking it with all year wants paint his face some awkward feces color and put on a basketball Jersey Thats the spirit of white supremacy In some places, its cold af at midnight in October...but who cares, because some ladies out here are willing to catch frostbite on their coochie lips just to be a "sexy" [fill in the blank]. Thats the spirit of hoeing Sometimes its even compounded with the added perversion of a girls school uniform (spirit of pedophilia) Or an animal (spirit of beastiality) Or even sexualized "ghosts/zombies" (Necrophilia) Many people dress up as Goblins, Ghouls, Monsters, Demons - entities that are subservient to evil. Or, they just say fuck it and dress up as the devil himself. - this would exemplify the spirit of self hatred/spirit of evil Some people might even draw the conclusion that dressing up as demons & etc. (servants of evil) or the devil(ultimate evil) is also correlated with the spirit of white supremacy. I said all that to say this. There is nothing innocent about racism. There is nothing innocent about sexualizing teenagers, animals, or the dead. There is nothing innocent about committing youself to be of service to evil, corruption, or savagery. These are all behaviors that are not only normalized, but celebrated. These perverse and highly questionable behaviours are uplifted as being core elements to the ritual of Halloween. Which brings me to my whole point. Halloween is a ritual. A fairly dangerous one at that. Thats it, and I actually dont have anything more to say on it - other than, one should be mindful of all aspects of any ritual they choose to engage in.

Im not going to tell you what to do with your life. All that I can ask is that you please be careful of what you do how you do it and who you do it with.

Ultimately, I still like parties, lawlessness, and half naked women as I think most healthy adults do - but I would much rather enjoy those things without having to also participate in the veneration of negative energetic forces. For some people, today is all about fun and games and costumes and candy, and if those people are able to draw the line at a place that works for them, perfect. 

Not me. Im straight.

Anyway. Whatever you do do it smart. Enjoy yourself,  just don't enjoy yourself so much that you never get a chance to tell the story...feel me?


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