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The news is full of stories surrounding a payout for qualifying individuals and families in the amount of $1200 due to financial hardships incurred from the threat of "COVID-19" We all know $1200 isnt any real money. Understanding this is what reminds us that there is no sense in bending over for the federal government as a result of such language that may suggest otherwise.

Remember these are the same people who [insert atrocity here] and continue to conduct themselves as if nothing ever happened For many people, an extra band will sew up a few bills, others may be looking to pad their savings accounts, and some view the stimulus as excess funding for current or new investment opportunities. With the exception of squandering the check on drugs, alcohol, or other frivolous pretty much cant go wrong with whatever you do. Which is what got me contemplating consider this a "think piece"

Many people do not arm themselves, and until recently have never understood the mentality of those who do. Because most people are in a state of panic however, many of these same folks are now seriously considering the usage of a govt provided relief payment to stand on their 2nd Amendment constitutional right to keep and bear arms in defense of the peoples right to freedom. Personally, I cant think of a more honorable usage of an extra $1,000+ ('Murica, Fuck Yeah)

If in fact you are one of the people thinking about using $1200 to arm yourself for the first time consider this: $1200 will get you a solid rifle, a good side arm, and a little bit of ammo if you're smart. Below you will find a list of solid firearms that can all be found for 550 or less Rifles: Aero Precision OEM X15 Radical Firearms Socom 556 Ruger 556 Smith and Wesson M&P15 Sport 2 Adams Arms Agency Rifle Wyndham Weaponry R16 Armalite Eagle 15 DMPS Oracle Rock River Arms LAR15 *companies like Aero and others will also let you buy parts individually and assemble on your own Pistols: Glock 17/19/26 (gen 4 or earlier) FNS9/9c CZ P10c/P10s Smith and Wesson M&P/Shield Steyr M9/C9/S9 IWI Masada Walther PPQ M2 Ruger Security 9 Canik TP9 *Honorable mentions go to the HKVP9/VP9SK and the Rex Zero1. EXCELLENT firearms, but VERY difficult to find below $550.00 Note* Stay away from anything chambered in .380 or 40 S&W. As ammo is ALWAYS more expensive and generally less readily available than 9mm. I have nothing against either caliber, for those who ALREADY carry them...but 380 isnt enough for defensive carry and modern 9mm makes 40 S&W pretty much obsolete...So if you own 0 guns in 2020 and your first one is a .40, I'm certain you'll be kicking yourself for a long time. *40 S&W exception can be made for some Glock models that allow for the use of a conversion barrel, which will enable you to run 9mm thru a 40 cal handgun. All that being said...if the ONLY thing you can get your hands on is 380 or 40, its DEFINITELY better than nothing. Which brings me to my next point. SHOP ONLINE. Browse the internet until you find what you want at the price you can me, its out there. Have the pieces you want sent to the FFL of your choice in order to conduct a lawful transfer. By doing this, you save money and avoid the confusion and frustration that comes along with competing with the local market for inventory that is severely limited and rapidly decreasing. Ammunition: As far as ammunition, there is a lot to be said, but due to the fact that ammo can be tough to come by in these times there's no need to be picky. Just STAY AWAY FROM STEEL CASED AMMO. Steel cased ammunition will result in unnecessary wear and tear on the internal components of your firearm. My suggestion is use only as an ABSOLUTE last resort. My only hope is that good people are out here protecting themselves to the fullest extent. Survival is a responsibility that one must take seriously. When it boils down to it, no person, collective, agency or entity should be able to determine what is necessary to ensure the safety and well being of you or you family. If this list was helpful, make sure you share it with whomever you feel may also benefit from it. If there is any information you feel was neglected, or presented incorrectly, I invite you to offer constructive feedback. Peace. Knowledge Knowledge.

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